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Dr. Y.K. Mishra

Position Director - Cardiovascular Surgery
Qualification Dr. Yugal K Mishra, Director – Cardiac Surgery at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, is one of the pioneers of minimally invasive cardiac surgery in India. Since joining Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in 1991, Dr. Mishra has been one of the key surgeons responsible for performing a significant portion of cardiac surgeries done at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. He has operated over 7000 cardiovascular cases so far.
Department Cardiology
Medical Education Born in 1954, Dr. Mishra completed his MBBS and MS from S.S Medical College in MP. He is a Ph.D in cardiovascular surgery from Bakulev Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, Moscow, Russia and Fellow in cardiothoracic surgery at Thoracic Centre of University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden.
Awards In 2006, Dr. Mishra was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by World Congress on Clinical and Preventive Cardiology. A Life Member of Cardiological Society of India, Dr. Mishra was honoured with Rashtriya Ratan Award by International Study Circle in 2005. He is the Founder Member of Indian College of Cardiology and also Fellow Member of Association of Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgeons of India. Dr. Mishra takes active interest in promoting healthy heart habits amongst people. He has founded the Payasuni Heart valve Foundation for prevention and treatment of rheumatic heart diseases.


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