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We research, recommend, plan and implement your entire experience.

  • Before you travel to India: 
    • We share the relevant medical information with you and help you understand it.
    • We recommend doctors and hospitals best suited for your needs
    • We help you plan to finalize your travel and logistics
  • When you are in India: 
    • We assign a personal relationship manager to hand-hold you from the moment you arrive in India until you depart from India.
    • We take care of your requirements such as boarding, lodging, transportation, entertainment, currency exchange, and language translation, etc.
    • We discuss the course of medical intervention with you.
    • We coordinate all your medical interventions.
    • We manage your medical records.
    • We monitor you for any complications and coach you through follow-up.
  • When you return home: 
    • We follow up with you and with your doctor in your home country
  • Check hospital prices: 
    Treatment/Procedure Indicative Pricing (in USD) Indicative Pricing (in INR) Estimated Hospital Stay
    KTP 14000-15000 910000-975000 7-10 Days
    LTP 35000-40000 2275000-2600000 25-30 Days
    TKR - Unilateral 7500-10000* 487500-650000 5-7 Days
    TKR - Bilateral 12500-16000* 812500-1040000 7-10 Days
    THR - Unilateral 8500-10500* 552500-682500 5-7 Days
    THR - Bilateral 12500-17000* 812500-1105000 7-10 Days
    CABG 6500-8000 422500-520000 4-6 Days
    Spinal 7000-13000 455000-845000 4-7 Days
    Bariatric/Gastric Bypass 7000-10000 455000-650000 4-6 Days
    IVF 5000-7000 325000-455000 On Out Patient Basis
    Craniotomy 8500-12000 552500-780000 5-7 Days

    *Implants Included

    Please Note:

    • Above is only indicative pricing (1 USD = INR 65) and may vary depending on the room category, type of implant,  and condition of the patient, at the time of admission.
    • The final estimate will be shared by the concerned hospital after physical evaluation of the patient.
    • The above cost does not account for any complication (if any).
    • While recommending the hospital or any treatment plan to the client/patient we keep our Values in mind.
    • We always consider the following points - Patient’s health, availability of treatment, cost of treatment, affordability and accreditation.
    • medECUBE takes into consideration whether the hospital is NABH / JCI accredited, to ensure hygiene and quality of services.


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